Focus your time on materials, let us do the data science

We're building the AtomCloud platform to centralize and empower your nanotechnology data. Automated workflows and all your data and results with just a few clicks.

Our platform automates the challenging and laborious processing of RHEED data, making the most advanced analyses, metrics and visualizations accessible in minutes.

Maximize the value of RHEED

Reliable characterization—Consistent, high quality, easily interpreted results.

Reduce user bias and improve consistency of results

Save time—Faster materials validation, shorter cycle time for experiments / synthesis.

Results in minutes compared to hours using industry standard tools

Leverage your data fully—Increase the value of your existing tools and the data you already collect.

Easily apply state-of-the-art data science any time to extract new physical inferences

Plug & play—Apply advanced RHEED analysis without the data engineering overhead.

Work on the science of materials - not image processing, data quality, software development…

Manage your data—Organize and share data, maintain visibility across your team and ensure continuity overtime.

Increase access and control of your data, eliminate data silos and dead-ends.

Generate insights from RHEED more efficiently

  • Identify—automatically detect pattern transitions and changes to quickly hone in on features of interest.
  • Quantify—a wide array of pre-calculate  metrics let you immediately drill down for deeper investigation and comparison.
  • Visualize—delivering metrics in a simple, data rich format that enhances the expert’s intuition for RHEED patterns.
How it works

Case study: Detecting Kinetic Transition

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Case study: Rotating RHEED data

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