Data Science for Nanoscience

Atomic Data Sciences provides data management and analysis software to accelerate nanoengineering.

Data from the clean room to the cloud

Who we are

We founded Atomic Data Sciences to bring advances in computing and machine learning to nanotechnology. We believe that nanotech will transform energy, electronics, and quantum computing. But nanotech is hard. We're here to help.


What we do

We take raw output data from nanotechnology tools and transform it into actionable insights - fully automated and no-code analysis to power your decision making in R&D and manufacturing.

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What we are best at

Our offering

Data Management
Modern instruments generate more information than ever before, but this data quickly turns to clutter when it isn't organized and fed into a consistent data model. We centralize and store your data in a cloud repository accessible from anywhere, removing the headache of manual data labeling and management.
Data Analytics
Learn more from your experiment data. We ingest your experiment data into our AtomCloud platform and produce interactive visualizations that address your business needs for R&D and quality control. Unlock the true value of your data with domain-specific analyses and visualization.
Machine Learning Integration
Data availability and preparation are some of the largest roadblocks to productively applying modern data science and machine learning (ML). The AtomCloud standardizes your raw data into ML-ready datasets, allowing us to provide you with custom ML-powered analysis from your historical data or prepared datasets for your own exploration.
Experiment Planning
COMING SOON - Building on our data analytics platform, we can share data-driven evidence for what set of experiments to conduct next, enabling your business to reach a product specification quicker or scale up manufacturing faster. Leave expensive, time-consuming trial and error-based R&D behind for a more intelligent approach that will save you time and money.


Atomic DS Academy: Challenges of Nanomaterial Production
August 15, 2022

Nanomaterials can unlock tremendous technological advances, but making them at scale can be challenging.

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